CAPM (Compliance Audit Process Management)

CAPM Features


Get an instant overview of tasks, processes and projects’status and user’s performance. Pay special attention to overdue tasks and processes.


Real-time reminders of tasks to be executed along with deadlines and actions for non-compliance. Automatically regenerate repetitive tasks and manage progress.


Create one time, repetitive and event based tasks. Allocate and track timely execution. Sub-divide tasks into sub-tasks.

Processes and Projects workflows

Create group of tasks in the form of Project, ensure its timely completion, resolve discrepancies and track bottlenecks.Example (i) Opening a branch requires multiple activities by various departments which inter alia include:

Activity Department
Market Survey Business Development
Finding office Premises Admin & Premises
Furniture & Interior Admin & Premises
Executing lease agreement Legal
Recruitment Human Resource
Connectivity IT
Terminals Operations

Allocate tasks to various team members of different departments and track deadlines along with their progress on a single screen.Subdivide them into subtasks wherever required. Save a completed project as template to easily replicate the project while starting a new branch.